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tv   This Week in Siouxland  ABC  November 1, 2015 9:00am-9:30am CST

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spotlight that maybe you haven't been able to grab so far. how do you makee tt happen? >> i speak to the yearning that i'm hearing all across the country for new leadersrship andto get things done. the other two candidates, secretary clinton and senator sanders can talk about progressive goals but i am the only candateith 15 years of executive experience getting these things done like making college more affordable, investing in our schools t/ make themem the number one schools in americfive years in a row, leading with principles, not waiting until it's convenienent to do so. we saw secretary clinton flip-flop on issue right before the debate, on the trans pacific part nerve ship, f fp-flopped on the keystone pipeline. but she couldn't bring herself to flip-flop when it camed to protecting our mn street economy from excesses on wall street. because she used to represent wall street. and people expect the president with the backbone to protect our
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>> as a state governor you havehad the chance to lead and toe the executive in charg but how do you goat fromm a state gogoment to the federal government and still have that control? >> well, the discipline of actually governing, of not just manage aing people but get things done, something that i've learned to do very well. whether it was of a very large an troubled city, where we brought forward a new way of governing, where we measure performae, where we lift up those that are actually achievevg, where states -- this is the new way ofoverning, to get things done. and it's actualllly most needed at the feral level, where people get into these giant bureaucracies and separate their work from the other people that are on the chessboard. look whas happened at veteransaffairs. the departnt o o defense doesn't have a computer systemthat can talalk or share information with veterans affairs and we wonderhy p people
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fall through the cracks. i have learned how to take over and make them function and deliver for people. that's when it effecve executive learns how to do. secretary clinton can't say that.. senator sanders can't say that. >> you were in colorado. the republicans were in colorado for the latest debe but you made it a point to goo there. you talked about gun control and most folks would underand why tragic sittions inside the state of colorado. but beyond that, bei there for that purpose, what was the point that you were trying to deliver? >> the point i was trying to deliver waso support the mothers, theoms against gun violence. befo coloradadwass the host to th republican debate, it wawa so the place where the massacre in the tater happened, where columbine happened,nd there's a great group of survivors of those who lostheirives to gun violence, who are traforming their grief into action, in fact their phrases honor with action.
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on the planet that actually allows the psychopaths and murderers to obtain combat assault weapons in many cases questions asked, online sales, unchecked sales at gun shows.s.we bury more of our citizens from gun violence than any other developed nation. there are things wewe can do. my he was with supporting moms against gun violence that the republicic candidates would talk about the solutions. >> most people agree there is a big gap between the goverernment taking away my weapons and providing a better grasp on gun control. what would you do with the nra to bri them to the table so that the public dialogue isn't jumping to they're going to take yo guns away? how do you come to the middle ground to information a betetr guece of legislation. >> after the slaughter of the innocent in that classrowm in connecticut brought people together and we forged a new consensus to do a few things in
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one bi effort. oneas univers background checks with fingerprinting and licenses for new purchases. the second was a ban on combat assault weapons. the third was limithe sizef magazines to ten rounds. we did some thing on mental health and school perimeterer security. i have to tell you though the nra was not at the table so much hey were committed to preventing us from getting anything done. so i had to -- >> how do you make that happen then when that's the ce? >> i had to take them on.n. i memeanantheyrote to allheir members, told them liesbout what our legislation did, told hunters they weren't going to beable to hunt so i pushed back. i pulled the hunting licenses of every hunter and i said i really appreciate you being a hunter. our state needs people to hunt or we can't conserve our natural spaces. let me tell you about the lies the nra is telling you. not a single hunter hadheir permit revokedut w we did drive
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violent crime down to 30 year lows. every state can make a difference but o our cntry c make a bigger difference if we let the atf take the blindfold off.f. senatoranders for his part actually helped push thrhrough a bill that gave immunity from lawsuit to gun manufacturers and those that would sell weapons without even asking a single question to those that shouldn't be getting them. >> i want to ask you a couple enerergyuestions here, renewable energy. you're on the forefront of eleltrical clean electric energy, you're talking about -- by 2050, a long ways away. how do@you make that happen? >> this is the way we make it happen. iowa is already doing it. 15 years ago you didn't see the sort of wind mills that you see no so i'm the only candidate in this race to set a goal of moving america to 100% clean
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here in iowa, you're already at 30because of wind. and guess what. instead d of killing jobs you created 4,000 new jobs. there are right now without trying too hard more people employed in solar a wind than in cole throughout the united states of the america. how do you do it? you do it by extending the investor tax credits and b b making tin vestments in battery technology, and also the next generation of nuclear that is a lot safer, that solves the problem of the nuclear storage, and gives us thehe base load, a also makes the investment i technology we might not have imagined in terms of other things. we happened a man on the moon not with all the above strategy, it was an engineering challenenge. so t too is this and it can be done. off the east coast might be a lot of east coast wind. in los angeles might be a lot of sosolar outf the dessert. this is what we do as americans. we solve problems. we're pretty good at it.
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iowa, also agriculture. what's your stance as far ass that? >> i'm very much in favor of renewable fuel standard that continues to go up, and not down. because it's only with the predicict be bin of the renewable standard that you go up that you get the investment in the next technologies. so i'm very muchh in favor of it. i'm also in favor of increasing renewable portfolio standarar throughout the country. we did it as state. i also had mown fleet installing in state government more stations so we could use more ethanol. these are the actions tak gether that are going to allow us to stay off this sort of disaster that can comerom climate chahae. >> will we see a more aggressive governor o'malley? >> we're into compare and contrast time.
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get the introductory debaseme you ll see very much a compare and contrast between the lee candidates. only one of us has executive experience, and i intend to make that contest clear. ii intend to make clear i'm not very good at following polls. i don't believe leadership is about following polls. i believe leadership is about leading with principle and bringing people together to take the actions to give our children the opportunity to be winners in a changing economy rather than losers. and i intend to take that case. wrap up with a thohoht i saw not too long ago, governor o'malleyooks like a president, he sounds like a president.. unfortunately we're in a c!cle when being president isn't necessarily the people -- you look at bernie sanders, 74-year-old guy, hillary clinton, so how do you -- i don't know if that's true. i will say you look awful nice this morning. >> thank you. >> how do you take thattnd fight that appearance in thesee times? >> i hope people don't hold my looks against me.
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what i have been able to do in 15 years is not words but actions. i'i've bn able to get things done, whether raising the minimum wage, passing marriage equality or the dream a or comprehensive gun safety legislation. i mean, my service is th service e a actions, not words, and peopop will getetnopportunity to learn more about me in the next debate. i felt like we leftt voters saying i like that guy, never heard of him before. i would like to learn more. now the american people a are going to learn mor and it's all about choices. we offer, people decide. >> we'll be watching later this week. thank you very m muchor being with us this morning. and good lucuc as you continue on theampaign trail. >> thanks a lot. demomocrats date friday at winthrop university in rockhill, south carolina. the latest poll speaks for themselves. mrs. clinton rebounded the last couple weeks building her most commanding lead in iowa since june over senator sanders.
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she was aead of mr. sananders in the poll, and by 38 points in a college survey, both released tuesday. mr. o'malleyey wasooking up at both candidates. we would like to knowhat you think about the fmer governor's comments. get ahold of us,end us an e-mail. after the break, we'll t tn to thth republican field and marco rubio's bounce following the gop third debate.
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when siouxland continues. we're back with more of thisweek in siouxland with tim seaman. donald trump a been cacarson the frontrunners are backing the republican national committee's decision to suspend partnershipwith nbc news where a presidential debate in february. candidates were angry over how cnbc handled the debate on this week's schedule. the debate centered around the economy and money matters, often turned intnto a shouting match between candidadas andmoderators. by the end of thehe night donalal trump and ben carson hadn't done anything to knock themselves off the top o the batting order but
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didn't do much to add to their advantage. marco rubio third or fourth behind the pair continued to make his presence known, going tow to toe with jeb bush on i a couple occasions. fresh off his week rubio headed to siouxland. happy hour brought supporters. friday night the senator joined three fellow candidates in orge city for a republican rally. rubio says education issues need to be settled in states, not washington. >> theresn't a federal solution to every problem. the federal governmentt is a limimid government. you want to turn this c country around, strengthen families, the most important institution in society. and if tre is a government solution it is probably a local or state government solution. not a federal government solution. and that's why i believe that thee federal governmenen needs to stay out complplely of k through
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that belongs to state and local communities. >> the event was sponsored by the republican parties. fresh offf leaing bencarson bumpe him from the top stop donald trump pacacked folks in, in what was probably the largest political rally in sioux city since the last presidentialampaign.trump spent more than an hour telling voters about his greatness. trump may also sure voters know he plans on winning iowa. >> i have such an unbelievable relationship with the people from iowa that i think we're going to win, i really do. >> forore on the current presidential campaign and other political news from around siouxland we turn to the news director at radio, iowa, kay henderern. kay,y,hanks for takingg time to be with us. once again this morning.
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>> i want to statart wth the democrats.s. joe biden out of the race, earlier this week, bernie sanders and he sat down, had a table talk so to spe, surprised by that by where they come from? obviously the support of biden supporters is h he but surprising at all? >> i think this is more joe biden trying to remain relevant in the race. as your viewers may rember joe biden met quite famously with elizabeth warren. the other factor here is that biden and sanders served together in congresss so they haveve that in common. so i wouldn't write too much into this. >> on e republican side, marco rubio came out of the debate this weekith much aenti on him, good performance by the thoughts of most folks. we rea finally for that much talked about collision between the florida boys of jeb bush who continins to struggle andnd rubio who seems to be on the rise? is it too early for him to go
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after the florida money currently in the bush bank? >> i don't think so. i think there are serious discussions behindnd the scenes among some off the fundraisers about vacating their position with bush and goggles where and rubio is an obvious chose for many o them. i thinwhat's interesting here in iowa is that if you talk to the rubio folks, they have been trying to sort of play a low-k-key campaign heretofore. ey didn't want to peak too earlrly. now it appears that people are willing g give rubio a look. what's interesting is that he is one of the players in the so-called establishment lane, someone who has governed. people may not know that he was a florida legislature before he was elected to the u.s. sate, and actually served asspeaker of thelorida house of representatives. in addition, he appeals to the people who are in that outsider
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lane. i think he has the potential of dring support from a couple of different sectors among the republican party elector rat in ioiowa. >> marco rubio one of the republicans that was in siouxld thiseek, made a stop in sioux city and was in orange city with three other republicans, chris christie in the neighborhood this week, aswell. christie seems to have landed some serious support from some iowa republican heavyweights but not paying any dividends at this point. >> at this point, no. again, he is in the establishment lane, if you wil and he's hoping that as the iowa caucuses draw closer, that republican voters will give him another look at someone with the credentials of having governed an entire state, a bigtate. as you mtioned, he acquirered the services of jeff blank who s -- and also served as the
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governor's chief of staff after he was elected. he is being served by governor branstad's 2014 campaign manager, who may be well-known to people in northwest iowa who worked on and ran actually steve king's re-election effort in 2012. >> can he belly flop in iowa and still have relevce in new hampshire? that's -- looks like he may be banking on new hampshire if much if not more than iowa. >> there are a number of candidates even the aforementioned jebeb bush, who are counting on a big finish in new hampshire to counter what may be a poor finis in iowa. >> let's talk about hillary clinton for a second. after a bit of a bobble perhaps little bit of a step, maybe one step backwards in the most rece weeks, after her last debate performance, after the been gassy hearings seems that she has picked up a head of
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steam and is dead ahead. >> that is what her campaign believes. there are many observers w who are making that samame conclusion. i will say that clinton's campaign is the best organized campgn right now in the state of iowa. she hahas more people on her staff. she has people who are organizing at the precinct level. so they are really embracing the obama strategy of 2008, and hoping it pays dividends on february 1 h. >> obviously the state legislslative seion will be here before even the caucus. or the election. so we'll be talkiking again and appriate your thoughts, and insight this morning. >> have a good day, siouxland. >> time to check theine things
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break. we're back with more "the week in siouxland." >> hopefully you found a comfortable spot to spend the rest of your sunday morning because we hand things off to the folks at our sister station in des moines. they'll have a preview of this week in iowa. here is an updpdate. >> coming up on this week in iowa we are talking straight to the campaign to find out what they need to do in order to win on caucus night.
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that's coming up on this week in iowa. >> before we let you go time to pass along another nine things to know. these are i things to put on your calendar for the coming week. all the wayround siouxland, including the 31st annual hartley concert crop show at the community center coming up turday, november 7th. the "beauty a the beast" the smh hit musical on wednesday. the 7:30 performance. that's bed on the academy award winning disney film feature. date in history, that's any political follower will remember, november 3rd, 1992, when bill clion picked up a win in the race for president. knocking off then president bush. the sioux city conservator show
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singer rob thomas comes to sisioux city this week, as well. mike huckabee is also comg in tomorrow, if you would like to ask him abo his pns for a big president. bret michael with 32 million records show is at hard rock friday night. the view and vote is thursday the fifth, dinner and option friday the sixth, at stony creek in downtown sioux city. topping our list of nine things to know, municipal election comes up tuesday, november 3rd november 3rd. turn out is expected to be light. makeuree you get out and cast your ball who the, whether in sioux city or arod siouxland. it's yourself i can duty. make sure to cast a vote in your
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own community. before we wrap up, a reminder that the goal of this week in siouxland is not only to bring newsmakers to the table but to spark a discussion on important issues to you. we would like to know what you would like to hear abo. join the conversation. you can go toacebook. you can get ahold of me on twitter or send me an e-mail. let us know what you would like to hear each week right here on this week in siouxland. and make sure to cck out the show online at siouxland you can click out any parts of this week' show or clickck on any portion of any previous show. look for the this week in siouxland tab at and with that, this week's edition of "the week in siouxland" is indeed in the books. thanks for watching and joining us, and circle it on your calendar for next sunday morning at 9:00. until then have areat week and
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(music) >>sabrina: debate part three. why it's not any one candidate who is this week's big loser. then we get some caucus strategy secrets from campaign insiders. and are you wondering who will win? well, look no further than your local costume shop. we'll also be joined by a congressional candidate trying to make history in iowa. thanks
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for joining us on this week in iowa. i'm sabrina ahmed. well, they attacked each other. they attacked the democrats. they even attacked the moderators. this was the third time republican candidates debated each other on cnbc on wednesday and the gloves were definitely off. we wanna run through our takeaways. first, marco rubio versus jeb bush. once friends, rubio even called bush a mentor, but when bush was asked about a florida newspaper's op-ed calling rubio to resign, all that good will, it went out the window. it's a long clip, but definitely worth the listen. >>jeb: i'm a constituent of the senator and i helped him and, and i expected that he would do constituent service which means that he shows up to work. he got endorsed by the sun sentinel because he was the most talented guy in the field. he's a gifted politician. but marco, when you signed up for this, this was a 6-year term and you should be showin' up to work. i mean, literally the senate, what is it, like a french work week? you get like three days where you have to show up? (chuckling) >>jeb: you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take
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the job. there are a lot of people livin' paycheck to paycheck in florida as well. they're looking for a senator that will fight for them each and every day. >>marco: i get to respond, right? >>30 seconds. (clapping) >>marco: well, it's interesting over the last few weeks i've listened to jeb as you've walked around the country and said that you're modeling your campaign after john mccain, that you're gonna launch a furious comeback the way he did by fighting hard in new hampshire and places like that >>jeb: i will. >>marco: carrying your own bag at the airport. you know how many votes john mccain missed when he was carrying out that furious comeback that you're now modeling under? >>jeb: he wasn't my >>marco: now jeb i don't remember >>sabrina: well, chris christie also piling on jeb bush. his breakout moment came when he schooled bush on how to effectively field a question about fantasy football gambling. (crosstalk) >>chris: are we really, are we really talking about getting government involved in fantasy football? (laughing) (clapping) >>chris: we have, wait a second. we have 19 trillion dollars in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis an el qaida attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? (clapping and cheering) >>chris: can we stop? can we just stop?
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>>sabrina: so who were the
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